Golf bags and golfers on the golf course.

The game of golf has changed dramatically over the last two decades, yet most players have not taken advantage of all that is available to keep them playing at their best. Please consider the following:


Golf club technology has come a long way since the days of persimmon woods and blade irons. Today’s technology is designed to create faster ball speeds, higher flight, less spin and greater efficiencies overall, but simply purchasing new equipment off the rack doesn’t mean you will end up with the best club for you.
Today’s technology offers an array of options in putters, wedges, irons, hybrids, fairway woods and drivers from all the top manufacturers with the ability to customize loft, lie, swing weight, grips and shafts. It is important to make an appointment with a Certified Club Fitting Professional to make sure all the details are properly selected.

If you have taken the time to get fit for your new equipment, take it one step further and get fit for the proper golf ball. Golf ball technology has continued to improve and many of the top manufacturers have brought offerings to the market. Each golf ball on the market has specific benefits and it is important to find the right ball for you. If you don’t have the right equipment, how can you expect to play your best…?


Today’s technological offerings have made a huge impact on both the personal and professional side of golf. Personal items such as range finders, GPS units and training aids allow for all players to utilize technology to enhance their experience on the course and during their practice sessions.

Professionally, Instructors are using technology to increase lesson offerings through launch monitors, video review, pressure mats and body mapping software. All this information allows Instructors to develop personalized lesson plans for students of all skill sets, which results in more effective teaching. The days of teaching every student the same way is over. Each person needs to be looked at individually and today’s technology makes this possible.

The game of golf will continue to evolve, but one thing will always remain constant…golf is hard. Take advantage of the new equipment and technology so you can enjoy playing the game for years to come!

Jon BalyeatJon Balyeat
Director of Golf