Quinoa Sushi

Quail Creek Country Club has recently received recognition as a Blue Zones Project Approved Restaurant. While numerous clubs have Blue Zones approved departments and worksites, QCCC is just the second country club restaurant in SWFL to receive this recognition.

Many of you are probably wondering what the Blue Zones Project is so I thought I’d spend a minute explaining. Around the world there are several Blue Zones areas where people are healthier than any other place on the planet. Places like Sardinia, Italy; Okinawa, Japan; Loma Linda, California; are cities that people have maintained their healthy lifestyles and reach the age of 100 at an astonishing rate.

The Blue Zones Project attempts to adopt the lifestyle principals of these areas and bring them to cities and towns to help people live longer, better lives. This vision is exactly what we wish for our Members at QCCC. By offering healthier food options, I am doing my part to bring this goal to fruition.

So, what is Blue Zones Project approved eating? Let me give you a brief overview of some options you’ll see more of on our menus around the Club. Blue Zones Project foods can best be described as entirely plant and grain-based entrees and appetizers. The only animal products permitted are sheep and goat dairy and eggs.

Along with limiting or eliminating certain items that aren’t healthy from your diet, there are practices that are important to the Blue Zones Project as well. Some examples are offering vegetable replacements for menu items, providing whole grain alternatives to refined grain options, sourcing fruits and vegetables from local farms or markets and offering fruit as a dessert alternative.

By using the philosophies, alternatives and information Blue Zones Project has provided me, we will help you live longer, better lives here at QCCC.

Ross, Chef of the Year 2018Scott Ross CEC,WCEC,CCA
Executive Chef and
Director of Food & Beverage Operations