Our certified personal trainers will work with you on nutritional needs as well as your exercise goals. They will provide you with nutritional and fitness guidance, while keeping you motivated and on track. Our staff will personalize and vary your workouts for the best results. This will allow you to get started correctly, progress safely, and learn what is needed to keep improving your fitness level. Whether it’s an ongoing appointment two or three days a week or a once-in-a-while visit to keep on track, we are here to help you!

One-on-One Orientation

This “how-to,” personalized session will orient you to the cardiovascular and strength equipment you need to meet your personal fitness goals. It will include seat settings, beginning weights on the strength equipment, assessment of which cardiovascular pieces will suit you best, and basic flexibility exercises.

Pilates Training

Quail Creek’s Pilates instructors are available to guide you through sessions on the mat, the reformer, the tower, chair, springboard, ladder barrel and spine corrector. Private mat and springboard sessions are also available.

The pieces of equipment were originally designed by Joseph Pilates, creator of “Controlology,” which was the first program based on core strengthening. This trend in fitness has continued to expand in the last five years. Our Club is one of the first to have two state-of-the-art Peak Reformers with Towers located in a private studio for individual and semi-private sessions.

TRX All Body Express

The ultimate solution for all around fitness! With the TRX Suspension Trainer, you use your body weight and gravity to build strength, coordination, flexibility, and core and joint stability. The TRX Suspension Trainer is a perfect complement to any workout.