Junior Golf Performance Academy

How can a sport like golf be the key to a child living a life full of enjoyment? It's simple, the game connects all types of people and builds a strong moral compass. Golf teaches etiquette, discipline and respect on the course and in life. Golf also does much more. Golf helps fight the largest epidemic to hit our nation in years. For the first time in history, the most recent generation of kids in America has a five-year lower life span due to a lack of physical activity and obesity.

The Junior Golf Performance Academy at Quail Creek CC looks to solve that problem. We offer golf programs that kids not only learn from, but that they truly enjoy and keeps them active and healthy! Our Academy has a strong belief that golfers are athletes just like any other sport. Our junior athletes take their health very seriously, but to an observer, it just looks like they are having fun!

Highlights of the JGPA:

  • Consists of expert & experienced Golf Professionals, Coaches & Trainers
  • Offers group sessions with a 4:1 client to coach ratio
  • Beginner (Level 1) to Advanced (Level 5) coaching
  • Ability to work with junior golfers ages four to 18
  • Private coaching options
  • After-school weekly group classes available
  • Half and full day junior camps offered during the summer
  • On-site personal and group golf specific TPI fitness sessions
  • College resume/scholarship consulting & tournament scheduling assistance
  • Tournament travel coaching packages available
  • Team Golf, LPGA Girls Golf, First Tee & US Kids Golf Participation
  • Competitive pricing for the growth of the game