More and more, I find myself making the same statement numerous times a day: “I can’t overstate the value of having more than one golf course.” What’s really behind that? A little variety is nice, but it can’t be that much better, right?

For those new to Florida and researching clubs, you’ll often hear talk about a club’s ratio of members to golf holes. While that’s reasonably indicative of how easy/difficult it is to get a tee time, that’s only a part of the story. One thing is for sure, Florida clubs run events! At Quail Creek alone, we run roughly 100 Member golf events throughout the 180-day winter “Season”. From our active Men’s, Women’s and Lady Niner’s Golf Associations, to couples’ events, Club Championships and Member/Guest Invitationals, there’s a Member golf event occurring more than half of the time!

That’s where the benefit of multiple golf courses really kicks in. What happens to members who aren’t playing in those events? If you have more than one course, it doesn’t matter what event may be going on. You’re never shut out from playing or booted to the afternoon when you wanted a morning time. If you have a 10:00am Thursday group, you can always play at 10:00am Thursdays.

One of the prices we all pay for living in paradise is out-of-town guests! With multiple courses, you don’t have to sweat that your northern golf buddies will book a visit during a big, multiple day club event. You can host them any day. The same holds true for members who may still be working and only in town for short stints. The last thing you want is to book a long weekend in Florida and not be able to use your club.

For those already full-time or looking to relocate to Florida completely, the benefits extend from there. Summer maintenance practices call for golf courses to shut down for a week or more multiple times throughout the summer. With multiple courses you can alternate those shutdowns and give them plenty of time to heal from aerifications before reopening. With that, there’s always a golf course open and in good playing condition.

If you’re looking for the best that a Florida golf lifestyle can offer, you should seriously consider clubs with multiple courses, if not have it near the top of your priority list.
Lastly, we can’t forget, a little variety is nice!


Nick Gray

By Nick Gray PGA

Membership Director