How can a sport like golf be the key to a child living a life full of enjoyment? It’s simple, the game connects all types of people and builds a strong moral compass. Golf teaches etiquette, discipline and respect on the course and in life. Golf also does much more. Golf helps fight the largest epidemic to hit our nation in years. For the first time in history, the most recent generation of kids in America has a five-year lower life span due to a lack of physical activity and obesity.

Put yourself in the shoes of an eight-year old today. What are some of your favorite things? How do you like to spend your free time? Most importantly, where is the iPhone? Now think about what you would choose to do with your day. Play with your friends. Run around the yard. Just be a kid and have fun! Every year it gets harder for kids to do those things. School is more difficult, homework consumes all free time and it seems there is an ever-increasing amount of pressure. Because of this, kids are defaulting to low effort activities like video games.

The Junior Golf Performance Academy at Quail Creek CC looks to solve that problem. We offer golf programs that kids not only learn from,  but that they truly enjoy and keeps them active and healthy! Our Academy has a strong belief that golfers are athletes just like any other sport. Our junior athletes take their health very seriously, but to an observer, it just looks like they are having fun!

Our coaches use TPI (Titleist Performance Institute) golf fitness games in class. These exercises and games keep the program fun and help develop fundamental movement patterns for our golfers. Our older juniors (ages eight and over) participate in a Junior Fitness Class every Wednesday at the Club’s gym. These kids are learning far more than just being good golfers, they are learning skills that will keep them playing for a lifetime!

Some members of the Junior Fitness Class are QCCC family Members: Grant and Sean Adamczyk, Austin and Matt Cammuso and Chris Forthsye. All these athletes can be seen around the course and in the gym. Just last week all five of these junior golfers broke their personal best record on the mile run! At Quail Creek CC we are creating a group of talented young athletes, growing the game of golf and helping kids stay healthy to play for life!

Keep posted as these programs are expanded not only for the “Junior Quails” of QCCC but for the adult Members as well in the brand-new Sports Center & Spa!


Thor Parrish

By Thor Parrish, PGA

Assistant Academy Director, Junior Golf Performance Academy