The Junior Golf Performance Academy is in its 4 th year partnership with Quail Creek Country Club. Our Membership, Board of Directors, Management and Staff have embraced the core philosophy of our junior golf program, which has four main objectives.

Growing the Game of Golf

Junior golf is not the only sector of golf that needs to continue to grow, but we want to make sure that our next generation of golfers have an avenue to play golf for their entire lifetime. One area of growth that we’ve seen a huge increase in is “female” junior golf. When I first started coaching 26 years ago, the ratio was 12:1 boys to girls. Today, our academy has 120 full-time juniors, of which 49 are girls (41%). The game has changed dramatically across the world so that it can continue to grow. One great example of this is the Drive, Chip & Putt initiative that now takes place at Augusta National. Over 10,000 juniors compete int local, regional and global qualifiers to earn one of 80 spots in the world-wide televised finals.

Giving Back to the Game

QCCC has been overwhelmingly supportive of our junior golfers. They have given back in numerous ways; providing access to the Club so that juniors have a pathway to grow up in the game of golf, offering our golf courses for local junior events and donating golf balls and clubs. Members stop by to talk to the juniors about etiquette, rules and life lessons. I personally wake up every day with one major objective in mind, to grow this game and give back as much as possible! We owe the game and its future everything that we are able to provide.

Training Junior Golfers in Golf, Fitness and Nutrition

A healthy lifestyle should begin in childhood. Our junior golfers learn how to create a healthy balanced routine by participating in programs on golf fitness, nutrition and life skills. We also provide Titleist Performance Institute certified trainers that help to further the development of each junior golf client. Integrating health and wellness into our JGPA program is a major addition to our coaching & training services.

Building & Retaining Memberships

The Junior Golf Performance Academy is the largest and most respected junior golf program in South Florida. One of our main goals is to attract new Members and retain current Members at QCCC. By providing an incredible after-school group program for eight months of the year, junior golf camps throughout the summer and private coaching, we have separated ourselves from other academy operations and country clubs across Florida. Numerous families have joined QCCC, noting our junior golf program as one of the main reasons. We have also retained Members due to the programs and services for their children. When we first started the JGPA at QCCC, Member participation made of 6% of the program. The JGPA now has 34% Member promotion. This growth rate will continue to rise over the next decade. Our goal for the program is to be 50% Members and 50% guests making QCCC a truly valuable destination and place to call home.

By Spencer Graham
Head Coach of the Junior Golf Performance Academy