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I bet you did not know that in the turf side of the golf course business, we claim two seasons, the golfer’s season and golf course maintenance’s season. Here at Quail Creek Country Club we have 36 holes of golf to rotate our Members and manage the course closings

To produce a great putting surface, you must go through a rigorous summer cultural practice program. In other words, “To make a great omelet, you will need to scramble your eggs.” Let’s break this process down even further:

May thru September

Considered the “off season” or “summer golf “in SW Florida, it is typically the start of our afternoon rains and warm, humid weather. It also kicks off the summer aerification program for our greens. Aerification is the process of removing the organic matter that has been building up under the surface of the greens for the past few months. It also helps to get oxygen and water down to the roots where they need it. After removing some of the organic material it is replaced with good quality sand to keep the air/water exchange working. We do this process as many times as we can (three – five times) during the summer.

October thru April

Starting in October, we start dialing in the greens for our Membership to enjoy. Rolling, mowing, light topdressing, solid tine aerification and some tender loving care is what makes the greens smooth and fun to play. Here at QCCC, we try and maintain our greens speeds between 10.5’ to 12.0’ for most of the golfing season. It is during this time of year when the sunlight is limited, and cooler temperatures are the norm, we have more golfers than the summer.

Aerification in May


The moral of this story is that there are a lot of actions and decisions that dictate how healthy the greens are going into the normal golfing season. With a successful summer aerification program, good weather and communication with our Members, the greens will be strong enough for the best of times and the worst of times.


Kevin LeoBy Kevin F. Leo

Director of Golf course and Grounds