It’s a question I get frequently. While many people are searching for a club/home combo, others want to find that perfect home and/or location first and then their club. At Quail Creek Country Club, you can do either.

One of the unique characteristics of QCCC is the diversity of where the Members live. Located in the low-density, large lot Quail Creek Estates, QCCC not only offers non-resident Memberships, but in fact, the majority of Members live outside the gates of the community and throughout the area. No matter where you call home in Southwest Florida, you will not feel like an outsider at QCCC!

Within a short drive in your own personal golf cart are four gated communities (QC Estates, QC Village, Longshore Lake and Palazzo at Naples) where 47% of our golf Members reside. Going out from there, QCCC is a great Club for those living near the beach as the next largest group (27%) live in communities west of US 41. The rest are spread throughout SWFL, including a large number (13%) who live in other country club communities yet choose QCCC as their club!

What about where our Members hail from? It’s certainly not a regional Club as we have Golf Members from over 30 states plus Canada and Europe, with the largest and almost identical numbers coming from Illinois, Massachusetts, Ohio, New Jersey, Wisconsin, New York and Canada.

Whether you’re inside the gates or across town, hail from the Midwest, Northeast or Canada, you’ll feel very comfortable within the friendly and inviting culture at Quail Creek Country Club.  


Nick Gray

By Nick Gray PGA

Membership Director