Approximately 18 months ago, we began an assessment of the many well-regarded private country clubs in Naples. It was very interesting to experience how each club represented itself with its own appeal and ways to attract new members. We met some wonderful people along the way while experiencing their special club activities and amenities.

Overall, we were looking for a club that felt more like a “community” where members seemed to care about one another, were down to earth and genuine and didn’t seem to care as much about what we did versus who we are as people. It didn’t take us long to discover that Quail Creek Country Club had that to offer and more!

Better still, the Preview Membership was great for us as it allowed us time to explore the Club for one full year without the pressure of making a hasty decision. This gave us time to enjoy the people and activities and, more importantly, to just be ourselves. We were able to relax and allow our Ambassadors and other groups within the Club, like the Lady Niners, the Men’s Golf Association, Mahjong, Book Club, Bocce and Tennis, to offer their support and suggestions, tell us why they love the Club and, best of all, make us feel special.

And, then, there is the FUN. We appreciate people who enjoy life. We soon learned that this Club has some great events and some great dancers! When certain Members said they’d “call us to get together,” they did. Consequently, we had an exceptionally special Easter dinner at a Member’s home a few weeks ago. All this, plus the Club’s beautiful golf courses, dining and other facilities led us to the knowledge that Quail Creek Country Club was the best fit for us.

Last month, we converted to Class A Golf Membership, and are proud to say we’re now “official.” We hope to pass along our enthusiasm for our Club to prospective Members, while continuing the friendships which have just begun and opening ourselves to new people along the way.

To you, Jennifer, who was our warm and responsive first contact, all of the excellent and accommodating Club staff and all of the Members, who have made us feel welcome and included, we offer our gratitude. We are blessed to be part of this special community.

Life is good at Quail Creek!

Frank and Julie Mann