Wines Moments

My advancement to General Manager at QCCC, hasn’t lessened my interest in wine! As a certified Sommelier and formerly in charge of the Food & Beverage Operation at two private clubs, I have a real grasp on what makes a great wine program.

Wine is about as subjective a topic as it gets, but the social element that wine brings to our experiences is a unifying aspect. Sure, we are all guilty of enjoying a glass of wine while sitting on the couch watching TV! However, my favorite wine memories will always be the experiences that were shared with friends and family.  

Here at QCCC, we want to be the catalyst for those experiences and memories by fostering a social atmosphere for wine. Wine is diverse, and a great wine program should also be varied. By having a multitude of wine driven events, we ensure that variety, curiosity and engagement stay high.

Every wine has a story that deserves to be told and nobody can tell it better than the owners, wine makers and growers who are responsible for getting that grape in the field to the wine in your bottle. Quite frankly, it has been enormously easier to attract high profile wine personalities here in Naples, Florida than it ever was in my hometown of Fort Wayne, Indiana!

This past year it was an honor to host such individuals for special wine dinners, tastings and seminars. Any wine savvy person can taste a wine, describe and analyze it in depth but there is nothing like hearing the passion that a wine maker brings when explaining their wine. These experiences are unique and intimate and provide lasting memories. 

Speaking of intimate, Executive Chef Scott Ross and I are very excited for the addition of a private wine room at the end of this year, as part of our renovation. The private wine room will allow us to better capitalize on these “wine moments” to truly maximize the types of experiences we can offer. Soon our award-winning chef and his incredible culinary team will be able to create 5-star pairing dishes for a more personal atmosphere.

At the end of the day, it’s not about what wine you drank, it’s about who  you drank it with and where. I know how much I cherish my “wine moments” with my family and friends. The entire team at QCCC is committed to providing the finest atmosphere for all our Members and guests to create their own lasting memories. Cheers!

By Zack Wygant
General Manager